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Purple Pumpkins: What it Means When You See Them on Halloween


Though Halloween is traditionally orange and black, there has been a recent trend in painting your pumpkins specific colors in order to send a message to kids and families trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. 

Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) wanted to raise awareness for children suffering from severe food allergies, so people were encouraged to leave a teal blue pumpkin on their porch if they had non-food treats to give trick or treaters. Now, a viral post on social media is encouraging people to put a purple pumpkin on their front porch as a reaction to the CDC stating that the COVID pandemic is making it too dangerous to trick or treat this year. The idea is that the purple pumpkin means that it is safe for kids to trick or treat at your house.

But is that the real reason you'll see purple Halloween pumpkins this year?

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The use of purple has actually been used for years by The Epilepsy Foundation. The organization started The Purple Pumpkin Project as a way to encourage people to paint their fall pumpkins purple at Halloween to raise epilepsy awareness. The project has been running since 2012.

"The more people talk about purple pumpkins, I think the more people who have epilepsy will call out the fact that that is an initiative of the Epilepsy Foundation and it is something that the community really relates to," Jon Scheinman, Director, Youth Programs, The Epilepsy Foundation told Mid Michigan NOW

So this year, make sure you have a plan with your painted pumpkins. If you want to have purple pumpkins to support The Epilepsy Foundation just know that you also might have some people showing up at your door on Halloween night thinking that you are encouraging safe trick or treating.

This article was originally published in 2020.


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