Texican court

Pure Retro Escapism is Coming to Dallas

Valencia Group occupies a unique niche in the world of hospitality: their beautiful boutique hotels double as music venues and are built to express the owners' love of music. Their Lone Star Court in Austin has become known not only as a beloved event space and retreat, but also for its constant stream of live music. With a different flavor but the same attention to detail, Cavalry Court takes you back in time to experience a midcentury rustic (but still luxurious) ambience.

Their newest project, Texican Court, will be an architectural interpretation of a monumental song:

"We wanted to bring the theme song from the Spaghetti Western film, 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly,' to life through the design of this hotel," said Valencia Group President Doyle A. Graham, Jr.

"When you listen to the song, you can envision the larger-than-life vistas filled with dramatic backdrops and excitement, and we captured the essence of the tension, and drama characterized by this song in the walls of this hotel to create a captivating experience for our guests."

Alright, how are they planning to pull this off?

The interior atrium, featuring a central reflecting pool, echoes the feeling that begins the song. This quiet but dramatic entrance is intended to strip away the modern world as the story of the hotel unfolds.

From there, fun and modern influences will bring out the sense of adventure that comes through later in the song. You'll see a leather-wrapped reception desk, bi-folding steel windows, and a tequila bar made of reclaimed wood from a barn, concrete, sunset-colored tiles, and galvanized metal.

The hotel's three courtyards will be named (naturally) Il Buono, Il Brutto, Il Cattivo: literally The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Each one will have its own feel. "The Good" will be the largest. "The Bad" will be geared toward events: it'll be a decomposed granite courtyard with a grove of trees serving as a canopy of shade. It'll be adjacent to a festive bar that will look like this:

The last courtyard, "The Ugly," will be a quieter area that houses a large fireplace and serves as event space as well. Spanish mission-style architecture will frame the courtyards nostalgically.

The hotel restaurant, suitably named Two Mules Cantina, will be open to the public and promises to be both delicious and atmospheric:

...and that's all before you get to the actual accommodations.

The guest rooms at Texican Court will evoke a sense of home. The most common room type will be in the typical "Courts" style, with living space at the entry to the courtyard, the bed in the center and the bathroom in the back of the room.

In the rooms, the furniture will be made from raw steel and lightly finished wood wrapped with distressed leather. One distinguishing piece of furniture in the room, the sofa, will be inspired by pickup bench seats from the Mexican word el troca (pickup truck), complete with Mexican saddle blankets.

Those rooms will be complemented with gorgeous bathrooms to match. Check out these images:

Construction is underway right now and will be completed in Fall 2018. Here's a preview of what the whole building will look like:

And of course, like all their hotels, Texican Court will feature a heavy live music focus in the Texan tradition.

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