20 Punny Halloween Costume Ideas to Make your Friends Laugh and Groan this Spooky Season

You'll have the funniest costume at the party with any of these pun-based outfits.

Halloween costumes present a few different opportunities. You can go the scary route, traumatizing young trick-or-treaters with a gory and haunting ensemble. You can go the pop culture route, capitalizing on celebrity news or movie releases to wear something that'll make Halloween party guests point and say, "I know that reference!" (be forewarned: if you're too niche with it, no one will understand what you were going for and you'll leave the party feeling disappointed and misunderstood — it's all about striking a balance between originality and recognizability). Or, as we'll discuss in this article, you can go the clever, punny route, crafting a costume that will make people laugh, slap a knee, groan, or a combination of all three, sometimes preceded by a moment of them holding their chin in thoughtful consideration before guessing the pun you were going for (like the pop culture reference costume, you can't get too obscure with this one or no one will figure you out — it's all about striking that balance).

But how does one find the balance between clever and identifiable? That's what we're here for. We have painstakingly combed the web for 20 perfectly punny Halloween costume ideas to break the ice at any event this spooky season. Let's take it from the top.

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