3Lakes Winery

Tired of Summer? Try Pumpkin Wine for an Early Start to Fall

The worst thing about summer is that it's not fall. If you're looking for a shot of cool before the leaves start turning, though, you're in luck because there's a winery in Wisconsin that makes (and ships) pumpkin wine.

Three Lakes Winery, located in Three Lakes, Wisconsin, is the second oldest winery in the state and they've been making cranberry wine since 1972. In addition to their array of fruit wine (blueberry, blackberry, elderberry), they started making pumpkin wine for the winery's PumpkinFest. October was the only time of year they sold that particular wine, but the fall-inspired wine became so popular that Three Lakes now sells it year round.

Before you say you'd never try pumpkin wine, doesn't it sound so much better than a pumpkin spice latte? A light pumpkin flavor and a reasonable ABV? Yes, please.

How its Made

The winery notes that the semi-sweet wine is made from pie pumpkins and has similar qualities to a traditional Chardonnay. Three Lakes wines are table wines, which means they have between 10 and 12 percent alcohol (a typical Chardonnay averages between 13.5 and 15 percent alcohol).

In other words, this wine is a perfect chilled sipper for a July or August evening dreaming of autumn. You could pair it with dinner and this ravioli and pumpkin Alfredo sauce or for a happy hour snack with this pumpkin dip that uses Cool Whip instead of cream cheese, a lighter taste that works better for a summer evening.

Three Lakes Winery does ship their wines (though not to Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Kentucky, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Utah, or Vermont because of government regulations) and they offer a bit of a discount if you buy in bulk. Right now, you can get one bottle of pumpkin wine for $12.95 or buy six and get a quarter off that price per bottle.

Plus, if you order now, you can enjoy a taste of fall while you watch the Hallmark Christmas movie marathon that runs through July 28. Get a bottle of pumpkin, a bottle of cranberry, crank up the air conditioner, and pretend it's beginning to look a lot like cooler weather.

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