Pryor Baird Covers Montgomery Gentry on 'The Voice'

On May 7, the 10 contestants left on The Voice performed songs that presented a significant challenge to their talents. Musician Pryor Baird chose to take on Montgomery Gentry's 2002 hit "My Town." The challenge lies in performing the song as a solo singer.

The original recording of "My Town" famously features the juxtaposing voices of Eddie Montgomery and Troy Gentry. Baird paid homage to the late Gentry's vocal performance on the track by putting all of his emotion into the chorus, belting out the lyrics with a rasp that makes Baird stand out among the other contestants.

It was evident that Baird has spent enough time on stage to feel very at ease. Even from behind his guitar and mic stand, he's able to connect with the audience, almost like he's really talking to them telling them all about where he grew up.

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It's probably no surprise that Baird is part of Team Blake, and Shelton is clearly happy to have him. For a brief moment, the camera cuts to Shelton signing along, completely engaged in Baird's performance.

On May 8,  two contestants from Season 14 of The Voice will be headed home. After Baird's performance, it's hard to imagine that he'll be on the chopping block, but it will all come down to the audiences' votes.

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Pryor Baird Covers Montgomery Gentry on 'The Voice'