7 Problems Only Southerners Would Understand


There are some things only Southerners will ever understand, and thanks to BuzzFeed, there’s a hilarious video that explains just what we mean. From bitter sports rivalries to trying to order a proper sweet tea, Northerners will just never truly get some of the struggles of a Southerner.

For starters, as depicted in the comedic video, the biggest sports rivalry in the entire country is so intense that it can make or break relationships and friendships. Yes, we’re talking about UNC and Duke. If you live anywhere in the Southeast, you are a fan of one or the other, and you severely judge anyone who is a fan of the opposing team.

The video also expresses a Southerner’s love of chicken biscuits. If you’ve never had a cajun chicken biscuit, seasoned fries and sweet tea from Bojangles, you’re doing life wrong. But even if you’re not eating out, chicken biscuits are a Southern staple. Speaking of sweet tea, the video hilariously shows a girl ordering sweet tea at a restaurant and getting a cup of hot tea. Preposterous!

We might not ever be completely understood by other parts of the country, but we have chicken biscuits, bonfires and sweet tea, so we’ll be alright.

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7 Problems Only Southerners Would Understand