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Priscilla Block Releases New Single 'My Bar', Announces New Album 'Welcome To The Block Party'


Priscilla Block has released her newest single, "My Bar," which has fans excited for her new material. The song was written by Block, Stone Aielli and Lexie Hayden.

"My Bar' is a song we wrote probably two or three years ago, and it's funny because I've always loved this song and when I wrote it, I could kind of hear potentially a guy cutting this song," Block said through a press release. She continued, "And I thought it's kinda cool hearing a girl say 'This is my bar.' Like, everyone knows a guy loves a good bar, but why can't a girl love a good bar, and this song just kind of feels like my anthem."

Block can be heard singing, "Don't come walkin' in like you own it, you own it/ I hate to break it to you, you don't, yeah, you don't/ You think you're such a star but here's the funny part/ No one even knows who you are/ This is my bar/ Yeah, this is my bar."


The single is just a taste of her new album, Welcome To The Block Party, which follows last year's six-song self-titled EP. The EP was the highest performing country female debut EP of 2021. Mixing some country-pop and rock, the new album features 12 songs, including her most recent single "Just About Over You." The song was a huge success on social media, especially on TikTok, reaching the Top 15 and giving Block the highest peaking debut single from a female country artist in 2021.

Welcome To The Block Party is set for release on Feb. 11, 2022. Excited about her new chapter, Block took to Instagram to show the artwork for the album, captioning the photo, "I can't believe my album is almost here!!! I'm in love with it and can't wait for you to be as well. Who has preordered it? What song are you most excited to hear?"

Welcome To The Block Party Track List:

  1. Welcome To The Block Party (Priscilla Block, Mark Mulch)
  2. My Bar (Priscilla Block, Stone Aielli, Lexie Hayden)
  3. Heels In Hand (Priscilla Block, Robbie Artress, Josh Beale, Sarah Jones, Kate Hasting)
  4. Like A Boy (Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones, Emily Kroll)
  5. I Know A Girl (Featuring Hillary Lindsey) (Priscilla Block, David Garcia, Hillary Lindsey)
  6. Ever Since You Left (Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones, Josh Kerr)
  7. Thick Thighs (Block Party Version) (Priscilla Block, Emily Kroll, Sarah Jones)
  8. I Bet You Wanna Know (Priscilla Block, Stone Aielli, Sarah Jones)
  9. I've Gotten Good (Priscilla Block, Liz Rose, Phil Barton)\
  10. Wish You Were The Whiskey (Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones, Josh Beale, Kate Hasting)
  11. Just About Over You (Radio Edit) (Priscilla Block, Emily Kroll, Sarah Jones)
  12. Peaked In High School (Priscilla Block, Josh Beale, Sarah Jones, Kate Hasting)

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