Pringles and Wendy's Teamed Up to Create New Wendy's Spicy Chicken Potato Crisps

Pringles flavor is a highly divisive topic. Some Pringles fans swear by the original, while others are taken with the sour cream & cheddar. Pringles has recently raised the stakes even more by adding a new delicious flavor, Wendy's Spicy Chicken.

Pringles are renowned for being the perfect salty snacks, ideal for grab n go snacking. These delightfully crispy chips come in original, wavy, and even Snack Stacks, which are perfect to fit into lunchboxes. They also come in more flavors than you can count, from BBQ flavored to cheddar cheese to screamin' dill pickle. To try a few flavors at once, you can always get a variety pack. Check out to hear more!

New Wendy's Spicy Chicken Potato Crisps!

Wendy's and Pringles teamed up to combine Wendy's spicy fried chicken with Pringles chips, and Wendy's fans everywhere can't wait to taste their favorite sandwich in a crispy potato chip. This limited-edition potato crisp has all of the spicy deliciousness of Wendy's Spicy Chicken Sandwich, with the perfect crunch of a Pringles chip.

This isn't the first partnership between Wendy's and Pringles. In 2020, they came out with the Pringles Baconator, which was an instant hit. This bacony explosion of flavor only served to whet the palate, making Wendy's and Pringles fans even more excited for what was to come.

"Our partnership with Wendy's is a match made in flavor-heaven, so we're thrilled to have another collab with an equally talked about, fan-favorite menu item," said Gareth Maguire, Senior Director of marketing for Pringles. "Following the enthusiasm for Pringles Baconator, we knew we had to challenge ourselves and perfectly capture the flavor of another popular menu item. The debut of Pringles Wendy's Spicy Chicken provides a crunchy, unnecessarily genius way to enjoy the spicy, juicy deliciousness of the #1 hands down best chicken sandwich in the U.S. ... in a single crisp."

"Pringles Wendy's Spicy Chicken crisps perfectly encapsulate everything fans have come to know, love and expect from Wendy's iconic chicken sandwich." said Carl Loredo, Chief Marketing Officer for The Wendy's Company. "Wendy's fans can now enjoy our insanely flavorful Spicy Chicken Sandwich in their crisps to satisfy taste-buds until their next restaurant visit."

Find a Reward Inside Each Can

Along with giving us a dangerously delicious new on-the-go snack, The Kellogg Company is also generously providing a chance to get a free spicy chicken sandwich! Each can of Pringles Wendy's Spicy Chicken crisps has a code that can be used to get a free sandwich.

To enjoy your sandwich, open the Wendy's Rewards app and enter the code you find under the Pringles seal inside the canister to unlock a free Spicy Chicken Sandwich with any app purchase. This snackable new flavor will be available on shelves nationwide starting in June 2021!

Pringle's Flavors

Pringles potato crisps chips are made of about 42% dried potatoes, along with wheat starch, flours, vegetable oils, an emulsifier, salt, and seasoning. These crisps come in many different flavors, each as tasty as the last. Here are some of the best flavors to snack on!



Salt & Vinegar

Sour Cream & Onion



Screamin' Dill Pickle

Honey Mustard



Cheddar & Sour Cream

Loaded Baked Potato

Memphis BBQ

?Wavy Applewood Smoked Cheddar

Wavy Fire Roasted Jalapeño

Wavy Sweet & Tangy BBQ

Buffalo Ranch

Wavy Classic Salted

Nashville Hot Chicken

French Onion Dip

Cheddar Cheese

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