This Preschool Teaches Kids How to Farm

Imagine what a child could learn in a school with no classrooms, a school whose approach to education was teaching through the practice of farming. That's what a recent team of architects had in mind when they created this concept for a "preschool farm."

The Rome-based team dreamed up the idea for an architecture competition. Their inspiration came from children's natural attraction to plants and animals, especially during their younger years. Their idea is that teachers could use kids' eagerness to be outside to get them to engage in the math and science functions that farming can teach.

"We tried to make a different way to learn," said Edoardo Capuzzo, one of the architects who designed the concept. "So not reading a book, or listening to a teacher, but experience directly based on practice."

Although the idea was created only for a design competition, the architects have been in talks with a Rome-based psychologist who is interested in turning the concept into reality.

At first, the idea seemed a bit out of reach because of local school regulations. However, the designers have since learned that a similar type of school atmosphere does exist in Norway. Finding out he wasn't the first to come up with the concept doesn't deter Capuzzo's initiatives.

"It could be a wonderful thing," he says. "I'm trying to apply these ideas here."

[H/T Fast Company]

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This Preschool Teaches Kids How to Farm