Prepare to Fall in Love with this Unreleased Chris Stapleton Song

Chris Stapleton could sing the phonebook and we'd listen to it adoringly. He's one of the biggest stars right now, not just in country music, but music in general. Stapleton's great storytelling ability, meaningful lyrics and soulful voice make his music a joy to listen to. And "Broken Side of Love," an unreleased song that just surfaced online, is no exception.

The origin of the song is largely a mystery at this point. We do know that "Broken Side of Love" is a gorgeous, soul-stirring song all about heartbreaks and aches. It truly showcases how gifted of a lyricist Stapleton is. We guarantee you'll love it right off the bat.

"Broken Side of Love," like most of Stapleton's music, is one of those songs you could listen to over and over. His music has been crossing genre boundaries, and this song is a great example of why. With a new album due out sometime in the near future, we can only cross our fingers that this makes its way on the track list.

This isn't the first unreleased song of his to make the rounds, though. Check out his 2013 performance of a song he wrote called "The Right Ones" that never made it onto an album.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Chris Stapleton:

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Prepare to Fall in Love with this Unreleased Chris Stapleton Song