Premiere: Stream Tattletale Saints New Album

As the name suggests, the Americana genre has roots in the U.S., but the genre's talents are found well beyond the country's borders.

Today, we're premiering the self-titled new album from one such talent out of New Zealand, Tattletale Saints.

After relocating to Nashville in 2013, the duo quickly found a foothold among Music City's creative community. In addition to their own project, members Cy Winstanley (Guitar, vocals) and Vanessa McGowan (Upright bass, vocals) have worked as sidemen for a number of rising country stars, including Aubrie Sellers, Kelsey Waldon, Michaela Anne, Andrew Combs and Erin Rae. If you enjoy any one of those artists, you'll easily find the groove in this record.

On their previous record, Grammy-winning instrumentalist Tim O'Brien helped the duo capture a stripped-down collection of folk songs. This time around the Tattletale Saints have expanded their acoustic sound into a vibrant electric production. Nashville producer Josh Kaler worked with the duo to create what McGowan says is a "fuller sound and bigger dynamic range."

"Adding drums and electric guitars to the upright bass and two voices meant we could make more of the light and shade of the song arrangements and really intensify the emotion of the lyrics," says McGowan. "We had a lot of fun trying out different sounds in the studio with our producer Josh Kaler and are very excited about the new direction this album marks for the band."

The evolution in sound and style is dramatic, but it works. You'll find What they achieved is a record of deeply personal roots music that feels distinctly fresh and modern. If you're strictly a country music fan, the lead track and single "Big City Women" will reel you in from the get-go.

Tattletale Saints drops on Sept. 2, but you can stream the full album here.

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View Tattletale Saints upcoming tour dates here. 

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Premiere: Stream Tattletale Saints New Album