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Premiere: On Her Latest Single, Belle Plaine Asks An Eternal Question

One question has haunted the monogamous for centuries, serving as the inspiration for hundreds of songs and stories: "Is it cheating if you don't get laid?"

Canadian country musician's Belle Plaine's latest single, "Is It Cheating," off her upcoming third album Malice, Mercy, Grief and Wrath is a light-hearted take on the age-old question. Plaine, who hails from a small town on the Canadian prairie, is backed by fellow prairie dweller Colter Wall and the result hearkens back to some of country's greatest duos like Johnny and June, Conway and Loretta, or Tammy and George.

"'Is It Cheating' is perhaps the most lighthearted song of the album," Belle told Wide Open Country. "I think it's the most selfish song on the record. Not selfish for me, but selfish in its message. It's not complicated writing. It's a simple honky-tonk tune. It's also not my favorite song that I've written, but when I played it people commented: they asked for lyrics, and friends covered it. It's the oldest song, written in 2012, and I decided to let the folks have what they wanted. It's a bit of dumb humor, but so be it."
Sometimes all you need in life is a bit of dumb humor. Malice, Mercy, Grief and Wrath is out Oct. 19.

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