Pregnant Server Gets Tip of a Lifetime from Pregnant Diner

Sarah Clark thought it was going to be another day at work until she got the tip of a lifetime.

Clark, an expecting mother, works at Pita Jungle in Phoenix, Ariz. Earlier this month, she was covering her normal shift when a pregnant left her a $900 tip.

In an interview with KPHO, Clark could hardly even begin to express her gratitude. "It's a huge, huge, help to my family."

This once-in-a-lifetime tip couldn't have come at a better time for Clark. On top of being one month away from taking maternity leave, Clark's fiance is unable to work due to an injury.

Incidentally, Clark's guardian angels were aware of her family's mounting financial troubles and chose to help. Clark said that the customers were regulars at Pita Jungle, whom she had confided in before.

The customers left a special note for Clark on top of their generous tip. "This is God's money - he gave it to us to give it to you. God Bless."

Regrettably, Clark said the customers left before getting a chance to thank them. Clark did say that she "Couldn't have asked for anything more right now."

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Pregnant Server Gets Tip of a Lifetime from Pregnant Diner