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8 Poultry Shears to Make Chicken and Turkey Prep So Much Easier

When it comes to kitchen tools, there are some that can transform your food prep and cooking experience, making you wonder how you did it before. For some, this might be an instant pot or garlic press. For those who cook a lot of poultry like chicken, duck and turkey, poultry shears might be the kitchen gadget that you'll never look back from.

Poultry shears are essentially a heavy-duty pair of kitchen scissors made specifically to cut through the fat, flesh, bones and cartilage of poultry. These are essential because normal scissors aren't strong enough, and it can be dangerous to try and do this with a knife. A pair of poultry shears allows you to cut through any material you need to without worrying about them breaking or about injuring yourself in the process.

How to Use Poultry Shears

These are perfect for when you need to spatchcock a turkey or prepare a large meat dish and are made to snip through any number of thick materials. A good pair should have a lock setting, sharp blades, and a comfy, non-slip grip for safety. Plus, you can use them for other kitchen tasks like peeling fruit, chopping veggies and herbs, and de-scaling fish. Poultry shears are ideal if you need to switch between cutting different ingredients throughout your food prep process.

Here are 8 of the best poultry shears to make your food prep effortless no matter the meal.

1. Acelone Premium Stainless Steel Kitchen Shears

These multi-function kitchen scissors are a great choice when looking for a versatile and reliable pair of poultry shears. Use them for meat, poultry, veggies, pizza, or even to cut through poultry bone. The easy grip handles and non-slip function allow you to use these heavy duty shears without worrying about injury. The micro-serrated edge of these ultra sharp blades make it easy to cut through anything, and their rust and corrosion-resistance means that they're built for durability.

2. Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Poultry Shears

These are another great option for high quality poultry shears. This model comes apart for easy cleaning and is made to be durable and rust-resistant. The spring loaded handle gives these shears extra power and prevents hand sprain, and the anti-slip, micro-serrated blades allow for precise snipping. Plus, you can use these stainless steel poultry shears for chopping herbs and veggies or slicing through tendons and raw meat.

3. iBayam Poultry Shears, 2-Pack

These iBayam Kitchen Scissors are made with 8.5 inch extra sharp blades, made to cut through any food or material you need easily. The soft grip coating on the economically shaped handle along with the cushioning pads allow you to comfortably and safely cut through poultry, meat, cardboard, or any other food or material. Although hand wash is recommended, these high quality stainless steel blades are also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

4. OXO Good Grips Spring-Loaded Poultry Shears

OXO is a well-known brand when it comes to kitchen tools, known for its ergonomic and comfortable kitchen gadgets. These poultry shears are no exception, made for comfort and convenience. They're also high quality and can cut through anything you need. One Amazon review said "A huge hit at Thanksgiving!!!. . . these scissors were highly effective at cutting the bone out and anything else we needed done. Highly recommended."

These are also made for safety, suctioning to the table to make them hard to remove by children. The silicone suction pad comes off for cleaning, and these are dishwasher safe to make it even easier.

5. TANSUNG Poultry Shears with Soft Grip Handles

TANSUNG poultry shears are made with CNC technology, crafted with the stainless steel often used in top notch chef knives. These multi-function kitchen shears can be used for a variety of kitchen tasks, from peeling fruit to scraping fish scales to cutting bones. The 3-modes available are lock mode, spring loaded mode, and detaching mode, allowing you to easily use these shears, lock them for safety, and take them apart when it's time to clean them.

6. Ultra Sharp Stainless Steel Poultry Shears

Another excellent option for efficient poultry shears, these multi-purpose scissors are made with corrosion resistance for durability. The non-slip design and extended handle ensure that you can use these safely and comfortably as you prep your meal. The high-quality aircraft aluminum and internal booster spring make these scissors effective at cutting through anything you need. Plus, these come with a cowhide knife cover, adding to aesthetics and protecting the blades when not in use.

7. KOOKTOOL Kitchen Shears

These KOOKTOOL Kitchen shears are another model designed for efficiency and power. The built-in springs allow you to use them without tiring out your hand, and the stainless steel material is rust-resistant. These kitchen scissors have longer blades than most models, at 5.1", which means you'll need fewer strokes to cut through meat and bone. The ergonomic handles are made of soft plastic to ensure that your hands don't slip as you cut. These are made for a number of kitchen jobs, from snipping herbs to spatchcocking a turkey.

8. Premium Spring Loaded Kitchen Shears

Last but not least, these heavy-duty shears are a great choice for kitchen tasks that other kitchen tools might struggle with, like cutting through chicken bones and raw meat. This way, you don't need to switch between boning knives and cleavers as you prep your meal. These spring loaded shears are made to last, and the stainless steel is rust-resistant. Plus, you get a free silicone basting brush when you buy these shears, which you can use to spread marinade on meat after you shear it with your poultry scissors.

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