Texas Town Hammered By Flood Issues Mandatory Evacuation

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A large part of the town of Wharton, Texas is being evacuated due to serious flooding. Wharton, which sits about 60 miles west of the heart of Houston, has suffered immense damage from the recent flooding in the region that is only expected to get worse.

The mayor announced a mandatory evacuation starting at 9:00 A.M. Thursday morning after the Colorado River continued to rise and overtake homes and vehicles.

Matt Sweeney Films has provided some incredible aerial footage of the flooding in Wharton, depicting the dire situation.

The evacuation area is bounded by S. Sheppard on the East, N. Hendon on the North, Highway 59 on the West and Camellia on the South, and from S. Sunset from Bell St. to Cloud.

Members of the police and National Guard are now going out to homes in the west end of town to assist the disabled and elderly people who need help leaving their homes.

The river was most recently measured at 47.8 feet high and rising. The latest forecast predicts that the river will crest at 48 feet at 7:00 P.M. Thursday. It's expected to remain at the 48-foot level until it begins to recede around 1:00 A.M. on Friday.

A shelter has been set up at Wharton Junior High School Gymnasium for those who have been displaced. Water, food and a limited amount of beds are available.

You can find updates on the evacuation in Wharton on the city's official website, and keep an eye out for weather conditions on News Fix Houston's Facebook page.

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Texas Town Hammered By Flood Issues Mandatory Evacuation