These Portable Blenders Are Perfect for Making Smoothies (Or Margaritas) On the Go

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Are you someone who likes to eat healthily but simply doesn't have enough time? Smoothies are one of my favorite things to have in the morning, but sometimes time can be a constraint. Portable blenders are the perfect way to stay healthy on the go. Portable blenders are lightweight, compact, and still strong enough to crush ice cubes and frozen fruits.

How nice would it be if you could make a protein shake or even a milkshake at lunchtime? Now you can! Check out these portable blenders from Amazon.

Portable Blenders vs. Countertop Blenders

There are many reasons to have a countertop blender, from making homemade salsa, soups, and more. However, a portable blender is worth it for the smoothie lover for a few reasons. First, washing the portable blender every day sure does beat washing your current blender. Cleaning these small gadgets up is effortless. Secondly, you'll have your own blender dedicated to your daily smoothie.

If you have roommates, they'll know this is your appliance and leave it alone. You'll never have to fight over who is making their smoothie first ever again. And lastly, you can take this just about anywhere. Take your mini blender to work, the Airbnb, or wherever you have access for smoothie makin'. Most portable smoothie bottles are cup holder-friendly, so take it on the road.

Stop overpaying for smoothies and start making your own! You'll love experimenting with new flavors each week, from different fruit, protein powder, and more.

Best Portable Blenders

Best Overall

1. Portable Blender, PopBabies Personal Blender, Smoothie Blender. Rechargeable USBportable blender bottle


Enjoy 14oz of your favorite fruit smoothie wherever you are with this travel blender. This personal blender is perfect for the office or traveling. If you have a little one, you can use this small blender to puree baby food. You can even blend while it's charging.

This smoothie blender is dishwasher-safe and made with food-grade material. It's compact enough to fit in your bag and sit on your countertop.

Best Under $20

2. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with 14 Oz Travel Cup and Lid

Margaritas anyone? This BPA-free portable blender is perfect for taking on vacation! The 175 wattage is great for making smoothies. You can even use this portable smoothie blender as a food processor to make salad dressings or guacamole. The stainless steel blades can cut through almost anything!

This blender has over 27,000 reviews, so it is definitely a top pick.

Best for Protein Shakes

3. Eshwb Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Take this blender wherever you go. The high-speed electric motor allows you to make smoothies in seconds. It uses a USB to charge, so you'll be able to charge it anywhere!

Customers love the portability of this smoothie maker. Sanura writes, "It does a fresh banana and with my JP vegan protein powder in it just great. Its super cute too and I love the colors they come in. Very simple to clean."

This would be a perfect gift for someone who lives a healthy lifestyle and is always on the go.

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