Port A Approves Spring Break Drinking Ban

KSAT 12 and the Port Aransas South Jetty report that the Port Aransas City Council decided Jan. 21 to approve the reading of an ordinance that lets the council adjust the legal Spring Break drinking hours every year according to when the holiday starts.

The council can choose when to enforce the drinking hours in the interest of public safety based on whenever Spring Break happens each year-- it's not an outright ban per se, just a tightened security measure.

Spring Break is scheduled for March 14-18.

The move came after the city dealt with too much drunken and disorderly behavior on the beach during spring break. Apparently the partygoers would throw beer bottles at cars and otherwise be too crazy for their own good.

Located east of Corpus Christi on U.S. Highway 361, Port A has long been a sought-after spring break destination for college students. It includes about 9 square miles of beach, so the city's police force has its work cut out for them.

The city currently doesn't allow drinking on the beach from midnight to 7 AM during the week, and midnight to noon on the weekends.

The council should approve the updated drinking hours during their next meeting on next meeting on Feb. 18.

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Port A Approves Spring Break Drinking Ban