Popular Pet Brand's Dog Treats Recalled For Possible Metal Contamination
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Popular Pet Brand's Dog Treats Recalled For Possible Metal Contamination

Not even the pet treats are safe. Yesterday, it was worrying about whether your coffee would give you botulism. Today, it's wondering if the pet treats you give your dog could possibly contain metal. The FDA issued a national recall on a popular brand of dog treats, cautioning the presence of "foreign metal objects" within the treats.

The brand? Green Tripe. Which, regrettably, is immensely popular. According to the FDA, 3,551 bags of Green Tripe dog treats were recalled.

"The potential presence of metal objects could pose a health hazard to your dog. If you believe your dog has consumed the affected product, you should monitor for any signs of illness [or] unusual behavior and contact a veterinarian in the event of any concerns. There have been no reports of pet injury or illness regarding the potentially impacted product to date.

"If you believe you have purchased this product, please stop feeding it to your pet(s) and throw it away. Contact TDBBS LLC to initiate a return or with any questions at [email protected], or call us at 877-483-5853, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm EST."

A Brand Of Popular Dog Treats Is Subjected To A National Recall

Listed below are USP Codes you should check if you own a bag of Green Tripe dog treats (as listed on the FDA's recall page).

Product UPC Item # Lot Code Best-By
Green Tripe,
Barkworthies Brand 7oz
816807015686 2015686 WO151768
Green Tripe, Best Bully
Sticks Brand 2 lb Bag
816807016027 1016027 WO152669
Green Tripe, Best Bully
Sticks Brand 5 lb Bag
816807016010 1016010 WO151401

This FDA hyperlink will take you to the recall page. If you scroll to the bottom, you'll see images detailing how to cross-reference the UPC code in the above table with the UPC code on the bag of treats. Hopefully, if you're someone who favored Green Tripe, your beloved pooch will be okay.

It's truly been a crazy couple of days within the dietary world across the board. As I mentioned before, it was the coffee first. Now, it's dog treats. I'd joke about there being poison in the air next, but you know what? With the way certain environmental issues are going, maybe I'm better off not risking that potential joke blowing up in my face in another decade.