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The Most Popular Game Day Snacks In Each State

Nothing pairs better with Sunday football than your favorite game day snacks. You would think wings, pizza and burgers would reign supreme countrywide, but that’s not exactly the case.

DirectTV recently looked at what snacks were mentioned on Instagram with the hashtag #gameday from January to October 2015. They used 25,660 posts to get the results.

Some states had results that make complete sense. For example, the game day snack of choice in Texas is tacos, and in Louisiana it’s jambalaya. Georgia apparently loves chowing down on hash browns while watching the big game. Another potato lover, Tennessee, prefers french fries.

Other states had fairly odd snacks of choice. According to the data collected, Mississippi and Kansas residents love eggs benedict, while football fans in Arkansas enjoy pancakes on game day. Colorado favors a very southern dish—chicken and waffles (I like your style, Colorado).


They also looked at other Instagram snack stats. In case you ever wanted to know, the most liked snack photo on Instagram is watermelon followed by vegan dishes, hot dogs and then cheese. When it comes to filters, snack photos using Hudson garnered the most likes. Photos with no filter and Valencia closely followed.

What do we learn from this data? If you’re looking to up your likes and followers on Instagram, post a picture of a slice of watermelon with a Hudson filter next game day. We also learned that some states like to eat really random food while they watch football (Rhode Island, why are you eating so much pumpkin?).

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The Most Popular Game Day Snacks In Each State