Map Shows Each Country's Most Popular Attraction


Getting the itch to do some traveling? Grab your passport and check out this informative map that shows the most popular attraction in every country.

Discount app VoucherCloud took the liberty of rounding up every country's "thing to do" on a map, according to TripAdvisor top destinations.

The 197 countries listed on the map were put in four categories of tourist attractions. Natural, religious and historic attractions along with generic tourist attractions were considered. You can see all the data from across the globe below. [CLICK TO ENLARGE MAP]


From the Devil's Pool in Zambia to the ancient ruins in Croatia, you're sure to find some interesting stops you may not have known about. From ancient cities, ruins, temples and museums to beaches, waterfalls, and landmarks there are endless attractions to discover.

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Of course, well known destinations are popular attractions in some countries too. Israel highlights the Old City of Jerusalem, while the Sydney Harbor is ranks first in Australia. But prepare for surprise at the top ranked "thing to do" in the United States and England!

Plot your next trip with the help of this map from VoucherCloud.

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