7 of the Latest and Greatest Cajun Hacks on Popeye's Secret Menu

The secret menu in fast food restaurants has become the 2021 version of a secret knock on a speakeasy door during the Prohibition Era. Every popular establishment eventually will have a social media buzz about the latest combo for those "in the know." Chick-fil-A, McDonald's, Starbucks, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Wendy's all have a secret menu and Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is in on the trend with Popeye's secret menu.

We all remember the fuss when Popeye's released their Popeye's Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich. Hardcore news reporters with microphones reported from exhaust-filled drive-thru lines around the country. They told the world about the life changing Popeye's chicken sandwich. Most of us needed to know if was really that good. The buzz was palpable, so we skipped our chicken biscuits to try out the fabled sandwich.

Popeye's secret menu doesn't reveal hacks quite as life changing as the comfort food they already serve, but they're certainly worth adding to that corner of your brain where you store odd cravings.

7 Popeye's Secret Menu Items To Try

1. Popeye's Cajun Sparkle

Cajun Sparkle is Popeye's seasoning packet that adds a cajun flavor boost to everything on the menu. It's been nicknamed "crack dust" and many customers say it's just as addictive. Most locations will have it but most likely it'll be hidden under the counter. Sprinkle it on your biscuits, French fries, chicken sandwiches, mashed potatoes, or even your bare skin. Fans of Cajun Sparkle say it really is that good.

2. Blackened Ranch Chicken Sandwich

Turn that famous chicken sandwich into a Blackened Ranch Chicken Sandwich. Ask for the blackened ranch sauce along with your regular chicken sandwich. Take the bun off and slather the sauce right on. Granted it's not the biggest culinary operation ever but it really does give you whole new flavor.

3. Popeye's Secret Menu Cajun Gravy Fries

This DIY recipe makes for carb heaven. Instead of just using gravy for mashed potatoes, try your gravy on top of a big pile of French Fries. Ask for a side of gravy and a packet (or five) of that Cajun Sparkle. Layer your ingredients and Voila! You've got Cajun Gravy Fries.

4. Cinnamon Sugar Biscuit

In your sweetest voice, ask for just the cinnamon sugar used on their apple pies. Order your side of biscuits and turn you savory biscuit into a sweet dessert.

5. Naked Chicken

If you can handle being laughed at for the sake of cutting calories, carbs, and salt, order your chicken naked. Let me rephrase that. YOU won't be naked. Your chicken will be. Please wear pants and a shirt while ordering your chicken without breading. Nobody wants to see your nudity while enjoying their Popeye's meal.

6. Gravy Dipping Sauce

Americans love to dip. Young or old, we just love dipping. So while gravy is not on the official list of dipping sauces for your nuggets at Popeyes, we think it should be. Just order chicken tenders with a side of gravy and dip away! You can even dip the famous fried chicken sandwich into gravy like an au jus sandwich. Gravy takes everything it touches to the next level.

7. Sweet and Spicy Red Beans and Rice

This Popeyes secret menu item is the most complicated hack you will be asked to perform for the sake of delicious New Orleans style flavor. Ask for a honey packet and hot sauce when you order red beans and rice. Now add each to the red beans and rice and mix. Depending on your taste, you can go heavier on the sweet or heavier on the spicy. The power is yours once the nice people working the counter give you the power of condiments.