Popeyes Adds New Bourbon Fudge Pie to Menu for the Holidays

It's no surprise fast-food chain Popeyes has been in the public eye recently. In July, the chicken chain released its take on the crispy chicken sandwich and caused hungry customers to wait in insanely long lines and fight with each other. After two weeks the life-changing sandwich was completely sold out, leaving customers to question if the best thing since sliced bread would be coming back. Thankfully at the beginning of November, the company brought back its chicken sandwich (and let me tell you, it is worth it) and added a new feature to their menu, a boozy and sweet Bourbon Fudge Pie.

All About Popeye's New Bourbon Fudge Pie

A Southern classic, this bourbon fudge pie features a flaky pie crust filled with a rich bourbon fudge and topped with a chocolate whipped cream. Mama, it looks like I'm stopping at Popeyes to pick up my holiday dessert to bring to the family holiday dinner.

A slice of the new chocolatey pie goes for $2.49 a slice at participating locations. Grab a fork and dive into this gooey pie. Or better yet, add on a scoop of vanilla ice cream and really bring it over the top.

It should be noted that this pie is not a chocolate bourbon pecan pie, which is also a very popular southern holiday season dessert made with chopped pecans, bittersweet chocolate, and corn syrup. Popeye's pie doesn't contain any pecans.

There's no news yet about how long this dessert selection with be at participating locations, but if there is one thing Popeyes learned from their chicken sandwich release, it's that people will do anything to try the new and exciting, so there's a good chance they are making enough pies to last through the holiday season.

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