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This Pop-Up BBQ Restaurant Has Texans Lining up for Hours

By now we all know about the epic line for Franklin Barbecue in downtown Austin. But this line wasn't for Franklin, and it wasn't even in Austin.

The city of Pflugerville (for non-locals that's pronounced FLOO-ger-vill)is just northeast of Austin. And there's a new barbecue buzz shaking up the town. On Weds, July 27, Pflugervillians were greeted with the familiar, if somewhat slightly out-of-place, sight of a long line for barbecue. It was at the Growler Bar on 685 where John Brotherton arranged with bar owner Jason Kemp to set up a pop-up barbecue restaurant to sell his brisket, sausage and other smoked meats.

Facebook/Brotherton Barbecue
Facebook/Brotherton Barbecue
Facebook/Brotherton Barbecue
Facebook/Brotherton Barbecue

"It was crazy to look out there and see that line and then it just didn't, it didn't stop," Brotherton told KVUE of the line at the event.

"It started from there, and the line went all the way across our parking lot here," Kemp added.

"Next thing I know we had cops there controlling traffic," stated Brotherton.

John Brotherton takes great pride in his work. He claims there's no secret to his brisket, "Salt, pepper, a little bit of garlic powder for me and burning all wood." he says. He even hand makes his own sausage. "I grind it and everything," he said. And with such creations as jalapeño bacon cheeseburger sausage, it's small wonder why his business has become a local favorite.

Facebook/John Brotherton
Photo: Kelly Yandell

Brotherton Barbecue is currently a catering business. However, John Brotherton is hoping to turn it first into a food truck, and eventually a brick-and-mortar barbecue restaurant. The location of the future home of Brotherton Barbecue will, of course, be in Pflugerville, where the pit master has lived for the past decade and a half.

"There's enough good barbecue in Austin already," he said.

Brotherton addressed the famous Franklin Barbecue stating, "I think his is in a league of his own, but I think I did a pretty good job." The people of Pflugerville seem to agree. Have no fear if you missed out on the first pop-up restaurant event for Brotherton Barbecue. Kemp and Brotherton are planning another event for Aug. 26. So follow the Growler Bar and Brotherton Barbecue for more information about that event.

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This Pop-Up BBQ Restaurant Has Texans Lining up for Hours