filet mignon recipe
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How to Make Poor Man’s Filet Mignon


It's a sad but true fact: Most of us aren't blessed with an unlimited food budget.

Even though I would absolutely love to be able to buy a nice cut of steak, sometimes my budget just doesn't allow me to. That's why it's always awesome to learn new tricks on how to make the most from a cheaper cut of steak. Jack Scalfani from the Cooking With Jack Show shared his tip on how to make this poor man's filet mignon recipe.

Even if you have the cheapest and worst cut of steak, you can make it tender and juicy by adding just one ingredient. All your meat needs is a heavy coat of sea or kosher salt on the top layer. This allows more moisture to settle into the protein and make the steak much more tender.

If you aren't convinced that salt can really make a big difference, consider this. Scalfani proves his method by cooking two steaks from the same cut of meat. You can clearly see how much juicier and tender the salted steak is compared to the meat left untreated.

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