Amazing Poodle Brings Smiles to Patients at Nursing Home [WATCH]

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In Saint Paul, Minn., one puppy is bringing some much-needed happiness and hope to elderly patients.

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It all started when Doug Dawson decided to bring his teacup poodle, Nala, to the nursing home where he works. As soon as he let her loose, she began roaming the halls and snuggling up with anyone and everyone she met. It didn’t take long for Dawson to see how his pup’s presence helped lift the spirits of patients. From then on, he decided to bring her along to work each day.

Now, Nala sprints from room to room and enjoys one-on-one time with each of her friends. She’ll jump up and snuggle with those who are too weak or ill to move from their beds. When she’s ready to visit more patients in the multi-level complex, she’ll hop in the elevator and wait for someone to press the button for her. No matter what, this sweet pup makes sure she greets every person within the home.

For patients, Nala brings a sense of comfort and happiness, which is at times hard to find within the walls of a nursing home. Click below to see some of the lives Nala has touched and learn more about her amazing story.

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Amazing Poodle Brings Smiles to Patients at Nursing Home [WATCH]