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Police Suggest This Anti-Theft Trick While Shopping

It happens so fast. You place your purse in your cart and turn to look at the latest cookware from the Pioneer Woman. Seconds later, you turn back and your purse is gone. Panic ensues as you realize that everything important is in that purse.

It happens more often than you thin, especially during the holiday season when the stores are more crowded than usual. Have no fear though, the Windham police department in New Hampshire has come up with a easy (and effective) way to prevent a thief from stealing your purse.

You need to try this anti-theft trick.

The idea is simple- when shopping in a store, use the child-safety belt and secure your purse through the straps, making it impossible for someone to grab the purse without taking your entire cart with it.

If your cart doesn't have a belt, pick up a a few clips (you can find them here) to attach your purse securely to the cart.

As always, stay cautious while shopping this holiday season. Park in well-lit areas and hid your packages in the trunk of your car. Carry as little cash as possible and notify your credit card immediately if your card is lost or stolen.

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