Saving Country Music's 'Trigger' on the Wide Open Country Podcast

Saving Country Music

My guest today is Kyle Coroneos, a.k.a "Trigger," the man behind the popular blog Saving Country Music. If you read about independent country music on the Web, you've probably discovered his site. A writer based in Austin, Texas, Coroneos is one of the most passionate and vocal music journalists covering American music.

The title of his blog raises an important question: Does country music need to be saved? That debate has been going on for decades, but it's louder today than it ever has been. With many country fans feeling disenfranchised by modern country, Coroneos aims to bring attention to the independent artists who are carrying on the tradition and spirit of the genre.

Coroneos started his blog writing about the music career of Hank Williams III's and his conflict with the music industry. He quickly found a passion for the content and developed the site into a home for independent country music journalism on the Web. On any given day you can find an album review, new country artists, comments about Nashville, rants on Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, mainstream country music, new releases, bro-country and pop-country and more. Coroneos also claims to be one of the first outlets to report on Sturgill Simpson and forecast his success, something we discuss on the show.

No matter what type of country music you love, I think you'll find some good insight in our conversation. We talk about how mainstream country became what it is today, how it's changing, as well as the key artists who are moving it forward outside of the mainstream format.

You can also find Saving Country Music on Facebook and Twitter.

Check Out Rising Texas Artist William Clark Green:

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Saving Country Music's 'Trigger' on the Wide Open Country Podcast