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Did You Know The Waffle House Has Its Own Music Label?

When you think Waffle House, a few things come to mind immediately, like pancakes, yellow, 24-hour service and hash browns seem like the obvious choices. Music probably wouldn't be your first association, but that may be about to change.

In the biggest plot twist in restaurant history, it turns out that the Waffle House has its own record label, Waffle Records, that's been in business for 30 years. That's right, 30 whole years and nobody had a clue this entire time.

Classic songs like, "Make Mine With Cheese" by Woody Minkowski and "Waffle House Steaks" by Northwest Territory are some standout selections. The weirdest part? Waffle Records is still making music.

Like the Southern chain, Waffle Records likes to cater to its crowd so it isn't just one genre of music. They cover everything from gospel-style tunes in "They're Cooking Up My Order" by Alfreda Gerald to R&B with "Waffle House for You and Me" by G'Ane. Bluegrass is even present in "Waffle House Steaks". Just take a listen.


Shelby White, the head of Waffle Records herself, told NPR that the songs are "more like mood music than commercials...It's about our food. It's about our people...We try to represent all that to some degree in songs." They also try to keep their songs from explicitly being a commercial, but with tunes like "There Are Raisins in My Toast", it's probably pretty hard to do that.

Unsurprisingly, despite their cheesy efforts (literally - "Make Mine with Cheese"), the Waffle Records songs only see about "1 percent of all plays in 2015," reported by NPRMaybe Southern comfort food is what the Waffle House does best, not music.

However, Waffle Records released their newest addition to the collection eight months ago in "Color Me Gone." Don't worry, we had never heard of it either. The video is right here for your viewing pleasure.

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Did You Know The Waffle House Has Its Own Music Label?