Pizza Peel: Stop Ruining Pizza at Home With This Affordable Gadget

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It's hard to think of something better in life than a fresh from the oven slice of crispy, cheesy pizza. 21% of Americans polled that pizza was the number one choice in food to eat for the rest of their lives. While there are endless options for ordering pizza, sometimes it's just as fun and delicious to enjoy homemade pizza. In order to make a truly great pizza at home, you need to add a pizza peel to your kitchen tools. You've undoubtedly seen this magical piece of equipment if you've ever dined at a restaurant with a pizza oven. It resembles a large spatula and has several uses.

The two main kinds of peels are wooden pizza peels and metal pizza peels. Wooden peels are bulkier but can act as a cutting board for the cooked pizza. Metal peels made out of stainless steel with a wood handle can easily slide the pizza onto your stone and are lightweight. Depending on the material, they can also easily rust and the raw dough can more easily get stuck.

Why Use a Pizza Peel?

Probably the most challenging part of pizza making is figuring out how to transfer the pizza dough. A peel allows you to safely slide your pizza in and out of the hot oven without burning your hands. One with a beveled edge can help you get underneath the dough on a smooth surface without having to pick up the often unwieldy slab of dough, meaning you can use less parchment paper or cornmeal on your countertop.

If you're using a pizza stone (which you should) a wood pizza peel allows you to safely rotate the pizza onto the stone.

Frankly, it'll make your house feel like a genuine pizzeria. Whether you're hosting pizza night or cooking up some pies for dinner, you'll never regret your pizza peel purchase. Having one is about as important as a pizza cutter, and those of us who have attempted to cut pizza with a butter knife in times of desperation definitely don't regret snagging that one.

Here are our picks for the best pizza peels for the home chef. To make your purchasing easier, all of these can be found on Amazon.

Best Pizza Peels

1. Wooden Pizza Peel

This crème de la crème of pizza peels is crafted using acacia wood. The wooden handle has a hole at the top for easy hanging and storage. With over 370 5-star reviews on Amazon, it's a great option.


2. Aluminum Pizza Peel

This aluminum pizza peel is known for its durability and is built to last. The wooden handle is foldable, making it a breeze to store.


3. Long Handle

The great thing about this peel is that it has a long handle, so you can get your pizza to the hottest part of the oven and retain your arm hairs! The maker, American Metalcraft, has several handle lengths, ranging from 26in to 64 in. The wide variety is perfect for whatever pizza cooking situation you find yourself in.


4. Perforated

Using a perforated surface helps prevent burning in the oven. A burned pizza is everyone's worst nightmare, so using a perforated peel is a great solution. The holes allow for excess flour to drop off, preventing burning. They're also a bit lighter and easier to lift than a traditional peel.


5. Budget Friendly

If you're looking for something that won't break the bank, you can't go wrong with this one at $16.99. This peel is made from birch wood and imported from Italy.