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New Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza Brings Snack Favorites Together

If there is one snack I am addicted to it is Cheez-Its. Their sharp cheddar flavor is the perfect snack to grab by the handful whether I am catching up on a new episode of Mindhunter or getting my butt whooped at a game of Scrabble. Original, white cheddar, caramel popcorn Duoz, and the Sweet & Salty snack mix. If it's got Cheez-It in the name, I'm buying. And that includes the new Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-it pizza.

What on Earth is Pizza Hut Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza?

Available now on Pizza Hut menus nationwide, the new menu item is a mashup of your favorite snacks. Served with a side of marinara, cheese lovers will salivate over the sharp cheddar flavor of cheez-its found in the crust. Each jumbo square is stuffed with the pizza chain's signature mozzarella or mozzarella and pepperoni.

"We pride ourselves on being the go-to for unexpected pizza innovations, and I can't think of a more badass partner than Cheez-Itto bring our next original menu item to life," said Marianne Radley, chief brand officer, Pizza Hut in the latest press release. "Not to mention, this collab is the perfect way to kick off football season, combining America's go-to gameday cravings into one next-level snack."

The partnership between the two brands is hoping to gain some attention from college students, the Hut's largest demographic.

"Kellogg's iconic Cheez-It brand brings a whole new dining experience to Pizza Hut lovers and will not disappoint," said Wendy Davidson, President, Kellogg's U.S. Specialty Channels. "The Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza™ is an example of two great companies leveraging their strengths to delight guests with a new experience on a classic favorite."

Available now, the Stuffed Cheez-It Pizza sells for regular menu price of $6.49. The limited-time item will become part of the $5 N' Up Lineup starting September 24, when the squares will be priced at $6 if you buy two or more items from the menu.

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