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Pizza Hut is Offering 50 Percent Off Online Orders for Limited Time

The New Year is a time for fresh starts. You might have a resolution this year to practice mindful eating, or you might have a resolution to start cooking at home more. There are some nights, however, when pulling out the cast iron pizza pan and setting up the grill for a perfect pizza and movie night just seems like too much effort. For those nights, we have delivery. Sure, you could hack a frozen pizza, something we've been known to do, or you can just order in because sometimes, ordering online is just the most convenient option.

Despite all of those healthy New Year's resolutions, Pizza Hut just announced an online delivery deal that might make you question just how you'll begin the year. If the delivery fee or the price of ordering in alone would make you swear off pizza this year, you're going to have a hard time resisting this type of quick deal.

The pizza chain known for its stuffed crust is offering customers 50 percent off all menu-priced pizza orders placed online or through the Pizza Hut mobile app through January 8. Since adding the Delivery Tracker to their mobile site and app, Pizza Hut has pushed its mobile ordering features. There's no coupon code needed for this as it will automatically calculate the discount.

So what will you order to take advantage of this deal? For every dollar spent on food online, you can earn Hut Rewards, the easiest way to earn free Pizza Hut pizza over time. It's the only national pizza loyalty program that rewards customers with unlimited points for every dollar spent in your online order.

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