Domino’s Delivery Woman Changes Life of Poor Man Living in Rundown Trailer

For Angela Nguyen, a Domino's Pizza delivery woman, it was just another day at work around Anoka County, Minnesota, but little did she know, she was about to change a poor man's life forever.

While out on a delivery, Nguyen discovered 76-year-old Lee Haase living alone in a 12-foot-long trailer after his home was severely damaged by extreme weather following the unfortunate death of his son, who passed away in a tragic snow mobile accident.

Nguyen also discovered that Haase had been living without heating, plumbing or even hot water in the camper for the past five years. "Living in this trailer with no heat, no sanitation whatsoever - he has no toilet - no water, nothing, is not acceptable to me," she told Minnesota's KARE11 of their encounter, "He's a human being and he deserves to live like everybody else."

"Lee has told me that he's pretty much given up on life," she continued, revealing that after another driver delivered to him only to find him in the same situation a little later on in the year, she decided it was time to make a change.

That's when she took it upon herself to buy Haase a heater for his trailer and also created a GoFundMe page, which has already encouraged a number of local residents to donate food any money to Haase's cause.

But the best news yet?

A local construction company recently contacted Nguyen with the promise of building Haase a brand new house, just in time for the winter.

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Domino’s Delivery Woman Changes Life of Poor Man Living in Rundown Trailer