These Pizza Cones Will Bring Your Snack Game to the Next Level

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Pizza is one of the most beloved meals in existence for Americans.

We’ve made it suitable for snacking by morphing pizza pies into bagels, bite-sized nuggets and tons of other mini versions. Now that the crazy geniuses at Buzzfeed have come up with this recipe for Pizza Cones, the entire snack world has changed.

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Pizza Cones are awesome because they’re small, easy to hold and pack in a ton of flavors and toppings into a convenient package. This means every bite you take is going to be filled with ingredients and taste awesome.

So how do you make these pizza cones? It’s a surprisingly simple process. All you need is a cone-shaped cup, which many of us use to drink water or put snow-cones in. Once you have the cone, wrap it completely in aluminum foil. Next, roll out some pre-made pizza dough and cut off a piece that’s big enough to wrap around the cone. Once you’ve molded it around the foil, you’ll want to bake the cones and sit them aside. Then, simply fill them up with whatever toppings you’d like and bake them for a few more minutes. Once they’ve cooled, you have a delicious set of pizza cones that will make both you and your stomach happy.

Click below to see the full tutorial from Buzzfeed.

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These Pizza Cones Will Bring Your Snack Game to the Next Level