Pistol Annies Got My Name Changed Back Video
Screengrab via YouTube

Watch the Pistol Annies' Glamorous, Celebratory Video for 'Got My Name Changed Back'

The Pistol Annies prove that legal proceedings don't always have to be a somber occasion. In the trio's hilarious new video for "Got My Name Changed Back," the women are shown throwing an epic divorce party and even pulling off the near impossible feat of making a trip to the DMV actually look fun.

The clip opens with Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley strolling into a courthouse decked out in sequins and feather boas. Lambert takes the stand and soon the entire courthouse is partying and popping bottles of champagne. Next, the women hit up the DMV where Monroe gets a glamorous new driver's license photo. They make their final stop at the bank, where Presley cleans out a checking account and fills her purse with stacks of money. We wish our daily errands were this fun.

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"Got My Name Changed Back" is the first single from the Pistol Annies' forthcoming album Interstate Gospel (out on Nov. 2). The tune is one of six songs the trio has released from the album, along with "Masterpiece," "Sugar Daddy," "Stop Drop and Roll One," "Best Years of My Life" and the title track.

The Pistol Annies will perform two more shows this year: The Town Hall in New York, N.Y. on Nov. 2 and The Novo in Los Angeles, Calif. on Nov. 7.

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