Pippi Longstocking House
Chris Badger/Stillwell Team

You Can Actually Live in Pippi Longstocking's House

Who could forget the classic 1988 film The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking based on the book series by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren? Pippi and her iconic red-haired braids wash ashore in an old town in Florida in one of the most beloved family films of the decade. The fictional home of Pippi in the movie, Villa Villekulla, is currently on the market in Fernandina Beach, Florida. That's right; for the bargain price of $750,000, you could own a piece of Hollywood history and live inside a storybook classic. And its magnificent views of the Amelia River, which doesn't hurt either.

Easily one of the most photographed houses in Old Town Fernandina Beach, visitors all know the "Pippi Longstocking House." Whether you're a fan of the series of books, tv-series or films, she's a character we all know and love. How fun would it be to live in her house?

Take a look inside Pippi Longstocking's house below:

Lovely living space

The living room is complete with a detailed fireplace with stunning waterfront views, built-ins, and original heart pine floors.

Bedrooms with unique details

These bedrooms are just asking to get updated. With that stunning chandelier and crown molding, all you need to do is repaint the walls, and you're in business. Barely any work is needed because you want to keep the original details and Victorian charm. 

Stunning Bathrooms

Having a stained glass window in your bathroom is one of those things you didn't know you needed until you actually see it. 

Large Kitchen

Because we need more stained glass and original chandeliers, this kitchen has all the room you need. The 2,220-square-foot home just needs a large island to complete the heart of the house.

This Porch

This porch honestly might be the best part of the house. With views of the water, palm trees, and all the southern charm of the old greenhouse, what's not to love?

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