The Pioneer Woman Mercantile

The Pioneer Woman Will Now Send Coffee Right to Your Door

The Pioneer Woman Mercantile has been on our minds lately. Whether it's because we've combed the menu for our must-try picks or because we've been dreaming up a road trip to Pawhuska, Oklahoma for a tour of the lodge, Ree Drummond is never far from the fringe these days. When the Drummonds launched the Mercantile in 2016, they also began to pay attention to one important offering. The most important offering, if you will: Pioneer Woman coffee.

At the Merc, you'll find amazing baristas whipping up hot and iced coffee drinks that would make a grown man cry. The Spicy Cowgirl is basically the most perfect iced coffee drink on the menu, and you can even find the coffee recipe here on Food Network. That's not what has us in a tizzy this morning, though. We're excited because the Pioneer Woman Mercantile announced that they're now offering a coffee subscription service.

The Delivery Options

With the service, you can select which blend you'd like to arrive at your door and you can also choose the frequency. Do you run through coffee at lightning speed? The weekly delivery option is bet for you. You'll receive what equals 48 ounces of whole bean coffee each month.

The bi-weekly delivery option sends 24 ounces of beans to your door each month, and the monthly option sends 12 ounces to your door.

The Payment Plan

You can choose to pay as you go for your subscription, or you can prepay in advance for three or six months. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem as though you can order a variety or rotating pack to try each flavor so I would recommend using the Pay As You Go plan until you determine a favorite blend.

The Blends

P.W. Light Roast

The Merc lists this as a blend of light roast beans from El Salvador and Brazil that are gently roasted to bring forward notes of almond, honey, and subtle citrus.

P.W. Dark Roast

The Dark Roast offers El Salvadoran coffee roasted until deep brown, resulting in a smoky aroma with strong flavors.

P.W. Espresso

If you're looking for an extra kick, the espresso beans are a blend of mild beans from Brazil and El Salvador to create a smooth flavor that offers notes of chocolate and caramel.

The Caveat 

It's important to note that these are whole bean varieties. If you love coffee, but don't yet have a spice grinder to create your own coffee grounds, I recommend investing in one. They're multifunctional (I create a special peppercorn spice blend with mine when I'm not using it for coffee), and allow you to customize the flavor of your grounds.

This Hamilton Beach Coffee Grinder (priced at $14.42 right now) is the first grinder I've owned, but it's served me well for five years and counting. My favorite feature is the cord storage because you can wind it up in the base. I leave it on the counter for easy access and since there's no floppy cord, it's not an eyesore.

The Options Are Endless

Ultimately, this subscription services offers so many opportunities. You can use the ground coffee to make your own cold brew coffee concentrate, like the Pioneer Woman shows here. Store in a large container after running through your fine mesh strainer. Check out her favorite iced coffee recipe above.

Use leftover coffee in chocolate recipes, like chocolate cake, since hot coffee and hot water both make the cocoa flavor bloom. You can even make coffee ice cubes to pop into your iced coffee concentrate drink. Ree recommends using sweetened condensed milk, much like a Vietnamese Coffee, to add flavor without heavy doses of artificial sweeteners.

This caffeine subscription service would make the best gift for the coffee lover in your life who just can't seem to leave the house without a mason jar full of cold brewed coffee or a thermos of black coffee alike. Kiss your Starbucks beans goodbye and wake up to a good strong coffee that's roasted in America at the Topeca Roastery in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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