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The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Restaurant Food Isn't What You'd Expect

Ree Drummond, or The Pioneer Woman, is beloved for her amazing comfort food recipes, from mac n cheese to BBQ chicken to chocolate cake. This would lead us to guess that her favorite food at restaurants would be along those lines, but surprisingly, we recently found out that The Pioneer Woman, loves ordering sushi when she goes out!

The Pioneer Woman's Recipes

The Food Network star is an incredible cook- just make a few of her recipes and this is undeniable. Her dinner recipes often include yummy ingredients like cheese, potatoes and meat, while her desserts are full of chocolate and sugary goodness. However, no matter how many tasty meals you make in your kitchen, we all get tired of cooking for ourselves from time to time.

Whenever Ree Drummond feels ready for a break from cooking, she goes out to eat, often ordering the item furthest from her comfort food repertoire. In a 2015 interview with, Drummond said "I love sushi, and I usually order it because it's the farthest thing from what I make at home," she said. "The last thing I'd order is steak; it's one of my favorite dinners, but we cook it all the time."


Sushi is a classic Japanese appetizer or main course, full of raw fish, sushi rice, nori, veggies, and many other yummy toppings. This Asian dish often includes cream cheese, sesame seeds and scallions (green onions), along with soy sauce, the occasional sriracha mayo, and wasabi. California rolls are one of the most popular sushi rolls, but there are countless of delicious options.

Tempura sushi is deep fried with a coat of flour, a crispy version of the classic rolls, and it's perfect for those who love the crispy deliciousness of fried food. For the true aficionados of this Asian dish, you can make sushi from home. The hardest part will likely be making the perfect sushi rice and not filling your roll with too many toppings! Here's an easy recipe.

Pioneer Woman Prairie Sushi

Although we probably won't see Ree Drummond cooking up traditional sushi at her Oklahoma ranch anytime soon, she does make her own version of the dish, called prairie sushi. Her prairie sushi recipe contains cream cheese, basil, chives, parsley and lemon juice, along with turkey and veggies. Pioneer Woman sushi rolls are made with tortillas rather than rice, and they're ready to eat after being chilled in the fridge in plastic wrap. These are just as tasty as the Japanese sushi that the Pioneer Woman loves so much!

Get the recipe here.

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