The Pioneer Woman's Favorite Pulled Pork Recipes

If there is one thing a hungry cowboy likes, it's pulled pork. The Pioneer Woman loves to provide the cowboys with hearty meals and pulled pork is a hearty and filling option whether you are rangling cattle or spending the day with family. Ree Drummond has a few pulled pork recipes and each of them is delicious served in tacos, loaded in hamburger buns, or eaten as is. Set aside your pork chops and pork loin, its pork roast time!

Pioneer Woman Pressure Cooker Pulled Pork

If there's one thing I know about pulled pork, it's that it takes a lot of time to cook. Thankfully, Ree came up with a way to make delicious pulled pork using an Instant Pot that takes a fraction of the time.

Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

To start, cut a pork shoulder roast into 2-inch cubes and heat your pressure cooker to saute mode. Add olive oil and half of the pork shoulder and season with kosher salt, chili powder, ground black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. Cook until browned and repeat with the remaining pork roast. Add both batches to the pressure cooker and add garlic cloves, onion, a chicken stock. Set the timer to pressure cook for 40 minutes. Natural release for 15 minutes, then manually release.

Remove the pork from the pressure cooker and using two forks, shred the tasty pulled pork on a cutting board or sheet pan. Mix in bottled barbecue sauce and serve the best-pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw.

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Spicy Dr Pepper Pulled Pork

Before Ree was on Food Network, she ran The Pioneer Woman food blog. This recipe, which was written in 2011, was an instant hit. She transformed it into a slow cooker recipe for Food Network, making this crockpot recipe hands-off.

Place two sliced onions in the bottom of a slow cooker. Meanwhile, season a pork butt with kosher salt, black pepper, and garlic powder. Place on top of the onions and add a can of Dr. Pepper soda, BBQ sauce, hot sauce, and brown sugar. Add the lid and cook until the slow cooker pork is tender, about 6 hours on High.

Remove the meat from the slow cooker and shred. Serve the Crockpot pulled pork recipe in tortillas topped with white onion and cilantro.

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Pioneer Woman Classic Pulled Pork

There's nothing wrong with the classic! This easy recipe cooks pork low and slow in a dutch oven for all-day flavor.

In a small bowl combine brown sugar, chile powder, paprika, garlic powder, kosher salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper. Rub on a pork shoulder roast then wrap the pork in plastic wrap and let sit overnight in the fridge.

The next day preheat your oven to 300F and place the pork on a bed of onion halves in a dutch oven. Roast until fork-tender, about 7 hours. Remove the pork to a cutting board and place the drippings in the dutch over on the stove. Cook on medium-high and add 1/2 cup of water to loosen the crusty bits. add in barbecue sauce and mix. Toss in the shredded pork and onions and serve on hamburger buns.

Get the recipe here.

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