Facebook: The Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman Addresses Leaving Food Network Rumors

It's been a tad quiet on the Pioneer Woman front. Ree Drummond, the woman who wears many hats, has her hands in quite a few mixing bowls at the moment. The Pioneer Woman Boarding House is in full swing accepting reservations, The Merc is running full speed ahead, The Lodge is accepting tours and P-Town Pizza is up and running. Let's not forget to mention that her daughter Paige has moved away to college and the newest issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine hit shelves only hours ago.

With all these projects fans on Facebook are wondering if Ree Drummond will be able to make her way back into their living room televisions. Ree was quick to wave away the rumors, stating,

There is a wacky rumor circulating around Facebook that I have decided to quit my Food Network show and devote my life to selling facial cream. The source of the rumor is an unscrupulous company trying to trick people into buying (you guessed it) facial cream. I have nothing to do with this facial cream (please don't buy it!), and more importantly: I am not quitting my Food Network show! On the contrary: I'm just getting warmed up, man! The past seven years have just been one gigantic dress rehearsal!

Ree went on to tell her readers that there is no way she is quitting the television network to sell facial creams (who even comes up with these rumors?). Instead, she redirected her fans to tune into the channel every Sunday morning for the rest of the year to watch her cook and bake to her heart's content.

So no worries Pioneer Woman fans, Ree is always in the kitchen whipping up new treats for us to try. And let's not forget about her cookbook she's in the works with.

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