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Ree Drummod’s Children Are the Light of Her Life

Ree Drummond is just like us. She loves sipping Diet Dr Pepper, dislikes long hikes, and thinks the absolute world of her children. Over the years (whether read on her O.G. blog or shown on her television series), Pioneer Woman fans have watched Ree's kids, Alex, Paige, Bryce, Todd, and foster son Jamar grow up, celebrate college graduations and even cry while Ree's oldest tied the knot.

With her youngest, Todd, set to play football at University of South Dakota this fall, it'll be the first time Ree and Ladd (aka Marlboro Man) have the whole house to themselves. According to People, Ree and Ladd have already moved and downsized into a smaller house built on the property.

"It wasn't a charming 50-year-old house. We loved raising our kids in the house, but it had foundation problems and had developed a few problems that were going to be pretty overwhelming to fix," she tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview.

Along with the new digs, Ree shared that her show, The Pioneer Woman, is getting revamped. During the first two years of the Coronavirus pandemic camera crews couldn't come to the ranch and film so Ree's children jumped in and recorded the show using cell phones.

??"It's been an incredible bonding experience for the kids and me," she says, "Alex and Mauricio weren't even engaged yet when the pandemic initially hit. And so it was a really great time for us to get to know Mauricio and just kind of have that purpose together during that crazy first few months."

Ree noted that the next season, while filmed by a professional camera crew, will still include appearances from her kids who visit the ranch from time to time.


  • Age: 24
  • Current Occupation: Marketing

Ree and Ladd's oldest, Alex and husband Maurcio currently reside in Dallas, Texas. When Alex is not exploring delicious dinner spots (and sharing them on Instagram) with Maurcio and friends you can find her traveling or working with mom Ree!


  • Age: 22
  • Current Occupation: Recent Grad of University of Arkansas, Hospitality Management

Bubbly and always seen with a smile, Paige recently graduated from the University of Arkansas with honors and plans on moving to Dallas to work. Mom Ree recently shared a photo of Paige's "new friend" Mitchell on Instagram, hinting at the fling.


  • Age: 19
  • Current Occupation: Student at University of North Texas

Before he was a Linebacker at the University of North Texas, Bryce was the quarterback of the Pawhuska Huskies. He is currently dating University of Kentucky soccer player Hadley Williams since 2021.


  • Age: 18
  • Current Occupation: Future Student at University of South Dakota

Recently accepted to the University of South Dakota for their football program, Todd eats, breathes, and lives for football. There's no doubt that the Drummond clan will be cheering him on from the sidelines!


  • Age: 18
  • Current Occupation: Student at University of Central Oklahoma

Originally from Tulsa, Jamar joined the Drummond family as a foster son while attending high school. After a year and a half of living with the Drummonds, Jamar turned 18 and Ree was finally allowed to speak publicly about bringing him into the family (as he was no longer a minor)

Jamar currently attends and plays football for the University of Central Oklahoma and comes home for all the holidays, sometimes bringing loads of laundry with him!

Son-in-Law Mauricio

  • Age: 24
  • Current Occupation: Technology Consulting

World traveler, Texas A&M University grad, and husband of Alex, Mauricio is officially one of the kids (or at least he is according to Ree). He was there to help Ree film during the pandemic and is always in attendance at family events at the Ranch.


This article was originally published on August 5, 2020.