'Pink Moon' to Rise in the Sky This Week

Lunar fanatics and lovers of all things cosmic may want to set their alarms this week. April's full moon, otherwise known as the pink moon, is making its appearance and catching a glimpse is worth camping out in your lawn in your pajamas.

Just to warn you, the moon won't actually cast a rosy hue despite the name. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the lunar event is called the "pink moon," because it coincides with the blooming of pink phlox, a pink wildflower. Don't be too disappointed though. The deceptively-named pink moon is still a cosmic sight to behold. And April's full moon is extremely significant, marking the beginning of Passover as well as the coming of Easter Sunday.

If you look to astrology for answers to life's questions, this moon may tell you a few things. The first full moon of spring is said to bring good luck and good fortune.

The moon goes by a few other names: Sprouting Grass Moon, Egg Moon and Fish Moon to name a few. Lunar cycles were named by Native Americans to help them keep track of when to plant and when to harvest.

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A full moon occurs every 29.5 days. Full moons provide an opportunity to see the moon's details, such as the lunar maria, dark plains on the moon's surface formed by ancient volcanic eruptions.

The pink moon reached peaked fullness on April 11 at 2:08 AM EDT, but don't fret if you missed it. The pink moon will still be visible through the night of April 12. So set out some lawn chairs, pop some pop corn and gather around for spring's first full moon.

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