Pink KitKats with Ruby Chocolate: The Candy You Need Right Now

If you've ever wanted to to try a pink KitKat, now is your chance. With the advent of a brand new kind of chocolate comes a new KitKat flavor from Nestle to tempt your tastebuds. The KitKat Chocolatory Sublime Ruby is a limited edition candy made from Ruby chocolate. If you're a fan of unique candy, you'll definitely want to order one of these chocolate bars. But be prepared to shell out more than you would for your corner-store candy bar—these pink KitKats aren't inexpensive.

If you missed the news that there is now a fourth kind of chocolate after milk, dark, and white (and additions to the chocolate pantheon should be big news, right?), last fall Zurich-based company Barry Callebaut unveiled a new pink-hued chocolate made out of ruby cocoa beans.

While we don't know much about the process of making Ruby chocolate, chocolatier Barry Callebaut notes that the chocolate gets its pink color naturally from the cocoa bean. The Ruby chocolate tastes different, too. It has an intense, berry flavor, without any added ingredients.

Nestle is only selling the new KitKat Sublime Ruby in KitKat Chocolatory boutiques in South Korea and Japan; an individual pack in Japan will set you back ¥400 (around $3.60). However, unless you know someone headed to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, your only shot to buy pink KitKats right now is to order them online.

pink KitKat


There are three sets of the pink KitKat available for purchase. Each set features one or two boxes of the new Sublime Ruby, along with one or two other KitKat flavors, depending on which set you get.

Set A (two boxes of five pieces each of Sublime Ruby and two bags of green tea-flavored Kit Kat) cost ¥10,000. Yes, that's around $91 for a relatively small amount of chocolate (but it's pink and limited edition, so it might be worth it). Sets B and C only offer one box of the Sublime Ruby, but add more of the green tea-flavored Kit Kat or the purple sweet potato flavor. Each of those sets also cost ¥10,000.

pink kitkat


KitKats are wildly popular in Japan; the country is the world's second largest consumer of the candy. KitKat is the top selling brand in Japan, so much so that Nestle build a new factory there in July 2017. There's even KitKat sushi, with flavored KitKats on top a base of puffed rice with white chocolate and a bit of wasabi.

The new Sublime Ruby was developed by Yasumasa Takagi, a Japanese pastry chef who has created different KitKat flavors like Orange Cocktail Noir and a KitKat with a gateau chocolate cake in the middle of the top layer.

Hopefully, this isn't the last of new Ruby chocolate we'll see in the wild. It might be a novelty now, but if the new taste of Ruby chocolate catches on, maybe we'll see other chocolatiers get in on a pink candy wave.

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