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Here are the Most Popular Road Trip Purchases in Each State

A road trip isn't a road trip in Texas if you don't stop for a Coke. Arkansans love their frozen yogurt. And in Oklahoma, they stay hydrated with Ozarka water. When you're on the road, you have to stop somewhere to grab a drink and a bite to eat and convenience stores are where most road warriors take a break.

Pilot Flying J, the largest network of travel centers in North America, rounded up surprising popular food and beverage items by state in honor of the July 4 travel week, which is traditionally one of the most popular times to hit the road in the United States. The company analyzed the top 20 most popular food and beverage items from 2017 sales data by state and then put together this fun infographic that shows popular items at Pilot Travel Centers and Flying J locations in different states across the country.

Pilot Flying J

Pilot Flying J

Some of the top takeaways may surprise you: 37 states love their bananas, with Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Indiana each selling over 300,000 last year, and in Minnesota, they stop for egg rolls over anything else. A little bit less surprising is that pepperoni pizza is the favorite slice in 36 states and Pilot coffee is in the top five in every single state.

"It's clear our guests have diverse tastes across the country," said Whitney Haslam Johnson, chief experience officer for Pilot Flying J, which is headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee. "As a mother of three, I understand the need for variety and choice, especially on the road. Fortunately for summer travelers, Pilot Flying J's large assortment of food and beverage offerings provide solutions for their road trip cravings, no matter what their tastes."

More than just a truck stop gas station, convenience stores like Pilot and Flying J travel centers are offering their own fast casual food made in house in addition to partnerships with restaurants

If you're on the road this summer, Pilot and Flying J are offering a "bonus bundle" for travelers from June through August. Purchase any fresh food item and get a large fountain drink for $1 or a slice of PJ Fresh Pizza for $2. You can also use the myPilot app to find deals all year round.

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