Pig and Pup Are Best Buds [WATCH]

This pup and her pig are the cutest best friends you've ever seen.

Dog people and cat people can unite on one common truth - pigs are always adorable.

Meet Tenderloin the pig and her pit bull puppy, Missy. The live just outside Madisonville in Monroe Country, Tennessee, and they are inseparable.

WBIR Knoxville covered the story and interviewed the dynamic duo's owner, Kayla Watson.

"It's like she has separation anxiety when she gets away from her," says Watson in her interview with WBIR. "She likes walking with her and laying with her a lot. It's her little cuddle buddy."

Apparently their friendship is a new phenomenon. Tenderloin had lived in a separate pen, but had always tried to follow Missy wherever she want. It wasn't until recently that Watson decided to see how the two got along together. She let Tenderloin out of her pen, and as it turned out, the pig and pup were immediate besties who haven't left each other's sides since.


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Pig and Pup Are Best Buds [WATCH]