Pig Falls off Slaughterhouse Truck, Lands in Amazing Luck

Sometimes fate smacks directly into you without a warning. And sometimes you fall into a patch of amazingly good luck in the middle of the road. One exceptional pig in Colorado had just such a life-altering experience this past September.

The 600-pound pig was riding along I-25 in a truck headed toward the slaughterhouse. At some point during the ride, the aptly named Lucky fell off of the truck.

Authorities found him wandering around by himself, mostly uninjured, on Sept. 30. Lucky became even luckier when no one could track down his original owners.

That's when this large 3-year-old pig found a new home with the rescue organization Hog Haven in Byers, Colo. Caregivers cleaned up his road rash, set him up in a new pen and named him Lucky. The sanctuary said he will live out the rest of his years in peace. Pigs of this size tend to live until they are about 13 years old in captivity, so he has plenty of time to soak up the good life.

Lucky definitely lives up to his new name. He's the modern-day Wilbur (for Charlotte's Web fans) or maybe a bigger, better, bolder Babe. Photos on the Hog Haven Facebook page show how quickly this big guy is adjusting to his new life.

Lucky's living large in a cozy pile of hay, soaking in the sunlight.

He's even made some new friends at his new digs. Eating pumpkins and chilling with his buddy seems to be working just fine for Lucky.

A messy puddle of mud to keep him happy. Check.

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Pig Falls off Slaughterhouse Truck, Lands in Amazing Luck