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A 40,000-Pound Pickle of a Problem with a Sweet Ending

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When life gives you 40,000 pounds of pickle cucumbers, you put out a call to your local area for anyone who can use them. Freightway Transportation Services, which is located near Canton, Ohio, had 40,000 pounds of cucumbers on hand after the load of vegetables was refused by the customer because the boxes had shifted and one opened while during shipping.

The cucumbers were being stored in the temperature controlled truck and were fine, but the trucking company needed to do something with them.

Freightway Transportation Services in Massillon,Oh a Celadon Trucking Agency Looking to donate pickle cucumbers to family's or Charity's in need. Please let us know if anyone wants to come fill up a bag, a box, or a truck. It is being stored currently at 39 degrees. Load was refused due to boxes shifting during shipping. It's a 40,000 llbs problem and I'm in a real pickle. Help if you can. Food Banks have turned it away due to not having the man power to unload it. Thanks!

They offered them to local food banks, who had to turn down the generous donation since they didn't have the manpower to unload the truck.

So, Freightway put out a call on social media: come on down for as many cucumbers as you need.

And people did. In just a couple of days, they were able to give away all 40,000 pounds. Some stopped by to get a few for themselves to make pickles, others took car loads back to pass out to their neighbors.

Some folks picked up enough to take back to their local food pantry. According to WKYC, one family heard about the cucumbers and took a bunch back to the food pantry where they had been on the receiving end of assistance as a way to help the people that had helped them.

The Akron-Canton Foodbank also connected with Freightway to work out a way to take the rest of the cucumbers off the company's hands.

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