Phillip Haumesser Photography

Sweet Photos Show What Growing Up in the Country is Really Like

Between the unique experiences and the beautiful landscape around you, growing up in the country is like growing up nowhere else in the world. Phillip Haumesser proved this when he set up an adorable photo shoot of his kids. Through his sweet candid shots, he's able to show exactly what it's like to grow up in the country.

The venture began as a simple gift from his wife - a new camera. Her wish was to get more pictures of the couple's two kids, 1-year-old Reuben and 3-year-old Richard. So, the Missouri dad got to work trying to honor his wife's wishes.

What he was able to capture wound up being something simple and breathtaking at the same time. Without even knowing it, Phillip captured photos that perfectly showed the world what it is like to grow up in the country. In the pictures, you can see how much the Haumesser children love their 10-acre farm and the animals that share their home.

Here is a glimpse at some of his beautiful photos.















While these shots are sweet and beautiful, Phillip says the first batch weren't that great. Before he attempted this approach, he tried to get his kids to pose for pictures. Naturally, the kids didn't enjoy this boring task, so Phillip tried a more natural setting instead.

Of course, playing is much more fun than working, so these photos turned out great. Phillip even tells  The Huffington Post that he sometimes forgot he trying to take photos at all. Sometimes, the young family is having so much fun he almost forgets to take photos at all. Luckily, he is able to remind himself quickly and give us these fantastic shots.

Phillip has gone on to share even more photos on his website and on Facebook. He will even teach you how to hone your photo-taking skills like he has. Phillip says that the best thing about taking these photos is getting to spend more time with his kids.

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