Photographer Captures Stunning Photo of Couple in Yosemite


An amateur photographer happened to be in the right place at the right time to capture a breathtaking wedding photo during sunset at Yosemite.

Mike Karas of Hawaii was hiking Yosemite National Park on Sept. 1. at the same moment a mystery couple was in the midst of their wedding photos. He was standing up on Taft Point waiting for the sunset when he took advantage of the spectacular view.

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"I was just snapping away trying to get them," Karas detailed to the Oregonian. "It was just unbelievable. The sunset that night was awesome."

The end result was an incredible photo of the couple overlooking Yosemite. An unbelievable sunset serves as their backdrop.

Karas posted the picture on his social media in hopes to find the happy couple and share his photos with them. The search for the couple via social media was successful, but the couple's wedding day photographer, Derek Copenhaver, told NBC Bay Area that the couple wishes to remain anonymous.

"We were actually in a very similar spot and got shots just like this," Copenhaver said. "But none the less, it's a great photo!"

The photo currently has over 5,000 likes on Karas's Instagram. In a follow-up post, Karas writes that their was no staging in the photo. His intentions were not to upstage the couple's actual photographer.

Regardless of any bitterness, the photo is definitely worthy of the many thousands of Instagram likes its received so far.

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Photographer Captures Stunning Photo of Couple in Yosemite