Pharis and Jason Romero
Rick Magnell

Watch Pharis and Jason Romero's Romance Unfold in 'Salt and Powder'

Some things go together like peanut butter and jelly. Banjo picking and meditation are not those things. At least not at first glance. In "Salt and Powder," off of Pharis and Jason Romero's newest release Sweet Old Religion, the couple prove that unlikely pairings don't mean they're impossible.
Pharis writes, "Salt and Powder. We wrote this in to the old 'opposites attract' idea. It's got the overarching desire to just love somebody through it all, while speaking out for what you need and who you are. No matter where we each wander, this song is for the sweet times, and the explosive ones too."
The video for "Salt and Powder" plays up that dynamic. Jason pursues Pharis through jazzercise classes and quiet evenings in while constantly picking. It's a sweet video for an an equally sweet song.
"The video stemmed from both of us growing up with moms who loved 80s aerobics workouts, and exploded outwards from there. Jason playing banjo in a bunch of inappropriate places - workout class, meditation, gardening, a nice bath or book or bird watch - was a light-hearted way to highlight that 'love on all frequencies idea' of the song," Pharis explains. "And since Jason is always thinking about banjos anyway, it seemed about right. Check out the vintage Hazel and Alice shirt Jason is wearing in the aerobics scenes."
You can learn more about Pharis and Jason Romero, as well as their recent album Sweet Old Religion, here.

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