The Peterson Farm Bros Countrify ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

Peterson Farm Bros

For those of you not familiar with the Peterson Farm Bros and their YouTube parodies, they are actually three brothers who create hilarious and educational covers of popular songs.

Greg, 25; Nathan, 22; and Kendal, 19, started creating these parodies as a sort of tool to enlighten their city slicker friends about life on a farm. The trio turned into an Internet sensation, garnering millions of views on their videos. 

These guys are just practicing what they preach. Along with their family, they work on their 5th generation farm in Assaria, Kansas, raising cattle and growing a plethora of crops. 

In their “A Breath of Farm Air (Fresh Prince Parody)” video, the boys tackle the iconic theme song to tell you “what goes down on a farm in a typical day.” The video features the Peterson Bros feeding cattle, fixing tires and building fences. My personal favorite moment of the video: when they say goodnight to their cows by hollering “Yo steers, smell ya’ later!” 

The brothers have created several other parody videos on their YouTube channel. If you’re a fan, a must watch video is their Watch Me (Nae Nae) parody which has the boys chanting “Watch me mix, watch me spray spray.”

If you want to learn more about The Peterson Farm Bros, book them for a presentation or buy a Peterson Farm Bros 2016 calendar. Yes, you can buy a photo of the whole gang clad in blue plaid repping the month of January. Check out their official site

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The Peterson Farm Bros Countrify ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song